el 20 de enero

Of COURSE you have homework silly!

1. Firmar (sign) tu currículo (syllabus) y tu padre también!!

2. Conseguir los materiales para nuestra clase (o por lo menos este fin de semana, sábado y domingo)!

3. Watch the Why Study Spanish video from youtube whose link is posted here below and answer the following questions:

a. What are 3 details you learned from this video ~ was any one of them surprising to you?

b. What are 2 things that surprised you and how did they?

c. What is 1 thing that you hope to gain from our class this semester?

(bonus**: who is the singer, where is he from? hint: he is one of my favorites!)


In this section you will find powerpoints, videos, worksheets and other materials to help you practice and hopefully master the skills in Spanish 2! We know it's hard, we are here to help! ~ SraP


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