Español II

¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español 2! Es la continuación de español 1, con más práctica con la lengua y hay mucho vocabulario y gramática ... necesitas tomar en serio el curso, y estudiar todos los días!

Aquí vas a ver links y otra prácticas de gramática y estructura que estudiamos en clase. Busca la sección de ANUNCIOS para las tareas del día y otros anuncios importantes como las fechas de exámenes, proyectos, etc. :)

Una vez más bienvenidos, y buena suerte! ~ Sra. Pastorius




Remember to only create a FREE account... your video project for next week will only be 30 seconds, you do not need more storage... play around with music and images and see how to add captions, make it fun.... it's about YOU!
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REMIIND access!

Many of you have expressed that trying to sign up for remind has not worked with your phone so try this internet access... click on the link and follow instructions from there. Gracias! SraPastorius : )
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Haz clic aquí para ver la descripción del curso! Tiene mucha información interesante e importante, como: la distribución de notas, recomendaciones para el éxito y las pólizas de la clase y nuestra escuela!  E2 SYLLABUS.docx (29,1 kB)
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See the powerpoint here with details about the process/protocol of your PROJECT! Remember that this is a MAJOR grade and is due by END OF BUSINESS on Tuesday, March 22nd. Every day late will be penalized 10% until Friday but then the quarter is OVER and I will have to assign a grade of 0. Don't be...
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For your Unit 1 EXAM review and practice try to finish the Jeopardy game. Also, below see listed 4 different links for practice on each of the grammar concepts. Buena suerte! 1. Jeopardy 2....
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16 de febrero

conéctate a este link y practica las formas de los verbos saber y conocer.... imprime (print) tus resultados y preséntalos en clase mañana... :) gracias
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12 de febrero viernes HOMEWORK stem changing verbs

If you were not here today you missed a lot!!! Mariachi music, mexican jumping beans, and stem changing verb practice! Please print and complete the practice sheet attached here for stem changing verbs and turn in on Monday February 15. READ the notes/review above FIRST, then take note of the hints...
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lunes 1 de febrero TAREA

Hey es lunes, necesitamos hacer la tarea (see the infinitive construction)??? :) 1. Check out the pinterest link here and reply to the question: of the 10 top reasons to study a foreign language which one is you? Write the #, the reason and why it "fits"...
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NUBE de PALABRAS (word cloud)

You are to create and email to a word cloud of NO LESS THAN 15 adjectives that describe you! Remember that if you use (great, easy website) you should repeat more than once the adjectives that you really want to stand out as a part of you. You may opt to print but if...
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conjuguemos! Remember! Do 6 minutes of practice, take a snapshot (snipping tool) or screen capture (see help in Windows) and EMAIL me your results! Have fun, keep calm and conjugate on! :) SraP
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el 21 de enero

No se olviden (don't forget!) la tarea de hoy: Write 2 samples using the verb gustar, check your "flowchart" to help if you need guidance. Try to MIX UP who likes what, if you do / don't like something, or if you like to do an activity... sean CREATIVOS......
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el 20 de enero

Of COURSE you have homework silly! 1. Firmar (sign) tu currículo (syllabus) y tu padre también!! 2. Conseguir los materiales para nuestra clase (o por lo menos este fin de semana, sábado y domingo)! 3. Watch the Why Study Spanish video from youtube whose link is posted here below and answer the...
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Here are your prompts to prepare for successful writing and speaking on your Spring 2016 exam...buena suerte! Remember: RICH varied vocabulary from what we have learned in class and accurate clear grammar/structure will get you that 15% you aspire to! PROMPTS for website.docx (13646)
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verbos reflexivos!

There are 2 files here, one powerpoint and one emaze to help you master the reflexive concept! remember, the reflexive verbs are the SELFIE verbs.... :) E2 reflexive verbs.pptx (1662258)
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Saber y Conocer El websitio de arriba te ayuda con más ejemplos... :) 
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Ser Estar o HAY???

Remember that "hay" means there is or there are it's an "all in one" verb and it is used to describe that an item is present. It does NOT describe location it describes the existence of whatever item you are focused on. See the following examples: 1. My car is in the garage (mi coche está en el...
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Ser o Estar? To be ... or ... to be???

see this excellent website here to help you with conjugations, and uses of the 2 verbs to be "ser" o "estar" Why TWO verbs to be??? Because they can ....
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In this section you will find powerpoints, videos, worksheets and other materials to help you practice and hopefully master the skills in Spanish 2! We know it's hard, we are here to help! ~ SraP


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Level IVH students: text message "@ramspan" to tel 81010
Level II students: text message "@ramsp2" to tel 81010